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Why Play Basketball


Basketball is probably the most popular sport in the whole world. Thanks to NBA and the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and others, many people have indulged into this sport not only because their idols do so but for the simple reason that they want to be physically fit and live a longer and healthier life. In fact, playing basketball also became popular to people who are trying to lose weight for good because it doesn’t […]

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Top Professional Basketball Leagues around the World


There are many basketball professional leagues around the world. This is such a feat for the game’s creator, Dr. James Naismith. Who would have thought that the game that Naismith conceptualized to help his students keep fit and active during rainy and winter seasons will emerge as one of the most popular and widely watched sports all around the globe? It was on December 1981 when Naismith came up with the first rules about the game that […]

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The March Madness Processes of Basketball


When first week of March comes, college students go gaga over basketball. This is called the March Madness which goes through until first week of April. This is an American tradition. March Madness is the name given to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments. These tournaments decide the basketball champions of college basketball. The tournament is composed of 65 teams vying for college basketball championship. Today, March madness is always associated with […]

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Basketball Slang Terms You May Not Know


OK, so we all know what a slam dunk is, and we know a little about the alley-oop, too. But these are really basic basketball slang terms. Some of the more original slang terms that are used in basketball circles carry more interesting stories, and are worth looking at a bit more closely. A few examples follow. If you perform a move that leaves your opponent standing around like an idiot – perhaps you have managed to […]

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The Best Seats In The House

Basketball is almost unique in an important way among the big four sports in the US calendar. The proximity of players to fans makes for a real feeling of being part of the game in a way that football just cannot – sitting above the sidelines means that you are separated from the players by some distance. In baseball you are sat at the top of a high wall and in hockey you are, for your own […]

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Winning A Game In Overtime – Victory At Its Sweetest

In soccer, drawn games are fairly common given the fact that it is entirely possible to go all the way through a game without a goal being scored, and the overall number of goals scored in a game is usually between two and three. In basketball, tied games are less common – but when they do happen, the game will go to overtime and provide the watching fans with one of the most nerve-wracking experiences imaginable. Watching […]

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It’s a Tall Order

Ask a hundred people what word comes to mind when they think about basketball, and there is a fairly good chance that as many as half of them will say “Tall”. Perhaps more than any other sport, basketball has the association with body shape that can put off a lot of young players. Some think because they’ll never grow to six feet tall that they can’t ever have a shot at being a pro basketball player. While […]

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