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Benefits Of Health Drinks While Playing Basketball


Today, more and more people who play basketball are taking health drinks because these can be quite effective in achieving optimum health. This is because in this form, the body can absorb the nutrients it needs easily. For this reason alone why may companies decided to come with health drinks in liquid form such as those in juices while others come up with powder form which should be consumed along with liquid. Experts agree that people, these […]

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Basketball Training Equipment


Basketball is a sport that does not require much equipment, you just need a ball, a hoop and a playing court which you can find in your backyard or gym. However, if you are seriously training for a varsity team or planning to pursue a career in basketball, then there are important training equipments which may help you improve your performance. Let’s start with what the player needs. Basketball jerseys and shorts When playing and training make […]

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Choosing Basketball Shoes


For rigorous sports such as basketball, shoes are a very important consideration. This is because it would ensure that the player would be safe while he or she enjoys the sport. Since the foot is the main consideration for basketball, it is a must that people would be able to find the ideal shoes that would best for the feet while playing. The pair of shoes used in playing basketball is very important because this can give […]

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Basketball Legends: Phil Jackson

When talking of the true legends of basketball, people always tend to refer to players – those who have scored a lot of baskets, have made important baskets, or have made assists to other players or stopped opposing players from scoring. However, no pantheon of basketball legends could ever be complete without paying tribute to the name of Phil Jackson – probably the greatest head coach in the history of the game. In the first 20 years […]

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Basketball Legends: Kobe Bryant

Although Michael Jordan is most people’s choice for the title of Greatest NBA Player, he may not be the most talked-about player of all time. For reasons which have occasionally drawn him into off-court controversy and for his startling achievements on the court, Kobe Bryant has to be considered one of the biggest names in the sport, and is certainly one of the most storied active NBA players. Like many others, he was marked for greatness from […]

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NBA Legends: Shaquille O’Neal

In 1996, voting was carried out to decide upon the 50 greatest ever NBA players. At the time, eleven of the players named were active NBA ballers. As of 2015, only one is still active: Shaquille O’Neal. Often referred to by his nickname, a shortened version of his first name (Shaq), O’Neal has recently become the oldest active player in the league – and he has been big news ever since he first entered the league back […]

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Three Is The Magic Number

Landing a three-point shot is a skill that takes a lot of practice and a lot of natural ability, and an adept three-point shooter can be worth a great deal to a basketball team. It carries an element of risk – and this is why it is best left to the ones who have mastered the skill – but a good three-point shot can turn a game. The niceties of the three point shot are as follows: […]

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