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The Core of the Basketball Used in Various Leagues


A basketball may refer to the game or the ball that is used in it. If you are interested about the ball, it is essential to note that it actually varies in size depending on its purpose. For example, the promotional items are usually smaller than the ones used in training exercises. The kind that is used in the professional leagues, such as the NBA measures 29.5 in circumference. Where It All Started The game was invented […]

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The Art of Bracketology in NCAA Basketball Tournament

As the month of March approaches, the frenzy of college basketball fans starts to build up—the traditional March Madness comes. With the start of March Madness comes office pools, gambling and bookies. However, before March Madness comes, you need to be familiar with bracketology. Bracketology, the study of brackets, is a technique for picking teams which many analysts, sportscaster, and networks tried to nail down. Though it does not guarantee success, it gives one a leg up […]

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Staying Safe While Playing Basketball


Indeed, playing basketball is fun because it gives you the freedom in doing the things that you love. Aside from that, it also gives a person a self-fulfillment in knowing that he or she can learn a new sport and have a chance to be great at it. But, no matter how exciting and mind-boggling basketball is to people who engage in it, they must never fail to consider their safety while playing. Knowing that you are […]

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Looking Back at the Beginnings of Basketball

Even if you are not a fan, you surely have heard about basketball because this is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are many personalities who emerged from this field and eventually became famous media figures. There are some players who were casted on film and TV productions. Many players were also given good spots at commercials and as endorsers to many popular products. There is really no escaping the bug that this […]

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The Free Throw – More Than Just A Penalty Shot


One of the most frequent set pieces of a basketball game is the free throw. Awarded for certain fouls, and then for all fouls after a set number have been committed, the free throw is a penalty which provides the offended team with a chance to score some points, but may also be used by their opponents as a way of limiting the damage and stopping the clock. It is not uncommon to see tactical fouls committed […]

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The Draft System – Stars Of Tomorrow Or Expensive Gambles?

Although absolutely central to the way that professional sports are played in the USA, the draft system is largely unique to America – over the Atlantic in Europe players sign with a club as an apprentice during their schooldays and afterwards can only move when the club which covets them pays compensation to their current club. This makes the draft system all the more a part of American sport, and something which takes on as much importance […]

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Great Sporting Rivalries And Their Place In Basketball

One of the most enduring elements of a sport is the classic rivalry. This is something which is present in all sports – anyone who has witnessed a derby match in soccer will know that while all games are important for a team, the games that happen each season between close rivals are somehow more important than simply how they affect the league standings. Basketball is no different in this respect, although franchising and the league structure […]

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Basketball On The Big Screen: White Men Can’t Jump

The provocatively-titled Hollywood blockbuster White Men Can’t Jump was released in 1992, and played on the numerous racial stereotypes surrounding the game of basketball. Many people blindly state that basketball is a “black man’s game”, despite the presence throughout NBA history of a number of Hall of Fame white players such as Larry Bird. An equally common stereotype is that the white players who do make a team are invariably the steady hands of the team rather […]

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